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Keynote Speaker – Dan Clark

Dan Clark

Founder and CEO of an International Leadership Development Company; a High Performance Business Coach; New York Times Best Selling Author of 35 books; University Professor; a Primary Contributing Author to the Chicken Soup For The Soul series; International Podcaster; Gold Record Songwriter; and an Award Winning Athlete who fought his way back from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career.

Dan was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame – and has been named one of the Top Ten Motivational Speakers In The World.

Dan has spoken to over 6 million people, in all 50 states, in 71 countries, on 6 continents, to more than 6000 audiences including most of the Fortune 500 companies, Super Bowl Champions, NASA, and to our Combat Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Asia and Africa.

Dan has appeared on over 500 television and radio shows including Oprah and Glenn Beck, PBS and NPR, and has been featured in the Mayo Clinic Journal, Forbes, Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, Thought Masters and Millionaire Magazines.

Dan’s extraordinary life includes soaring to the edge of space in a U2 Spy plane; flying fighter jets with the Air Force Thunderbirds; racing automobiles at Nur-burg-ring and sailboats in Australia; serving on the Olympic Committee and carrying the Olympic Torch in the Winter Games; and keynoting the United Nations World Congress.

Dan was named an Outstanding Young Man of America – and has since received the United States Presidential Medal presented b President Ronald Reagan; the United States Distinguished Service Medal presented by the U.S. Department of Defense; was the national recipient of the prestigious Air Force American Spirit Award; and was named Utah Father of the Year!

Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland is the founder and CEO of Doorbell Real Estate in Nashville, Tennessee. He has appeared on numerous HGTV and The Learning Channel television shows and served as one of Facebook’s Global Community Leadership Council members. He has been one of the most sought after real estate speakers and consultants in the country, emceeing and keynoting some of the largest conferences in the industry. He has earned spots on T3’s Social Influencers Power List and Inman’s Most Influential List. He has represented Facebook on stage at their Marketing Week Executives’ Meeting in New York City and at the CMX Summit in Los Angeles.

Brian not only a sales leader and industry influencer, he gives tirelessly in the REALTOR leadership arena. In 2019, he served as the Vice President for Association of Affairs for the National Association of REALTORS. He was the 2017 President of Tennessee REALTORS and was Nashville’s REALTOR of the Year in 2011.

Brian founded and runs one of the largest technology camps in the nation each Spring in Nashville, attracting more than 1500 real estate professionals from 30 states and three continents.

Brian and his spouse live with their two children on a farm where they raise cows, goats, alpacas, and chickens.

Ted Lasso Real Estate
Tuesday, Feb. 8, 10:45-11:45 a.m. CST

The Apple TV+ hit comedy captured America’s heart over the most recent years.
Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, this one-hour class is packed full of some of the positive, uplifting premises that will take your customer service and mindset to another level, kinda like a goldfish.

Creating Powerful Moments For Everyone You Impact
Wednesday, Feb. 9, 12:30-1:30 p.m. CST

Your real estate business’ success centers around one important premise: how are you creating moments that will make sure your customers and client continue to rely on your expertise. We’ll take a deep dive into three areas of creating great moments for everyone you touch.

Sue Stinson Turner

With over 40 years of real estate experience, Sue has a lengthy and impressive list of accomplishments including her time as the 2012 Tennessee REALTORS®President, Memphis Area Association President, Women’s Council of Realtors President, and is a Multi-Million Dollar Club Life Member in Sales as well as an RPAC Major Investor.

In her spare time, Sue enjoys the company of her husband, four sons, and six grandchildren.

Code of Ethics Cycle 7
Wednesday, Feb. 9

NAR’s Code of Ethics, adopted in 1913, was one of the first codifications of ethical duties adopted by any business group. The Code ensures that consumers are served by requiring REALTORS® to cooperate with each other in furthering clients’ best interests.

Craig Grant

With over 150 speaking engagements around the world each year, including sessions for NAR, several state conventions & other key industry events, Craig Grant is considered one of the most sought after technology, marketing, & cybersecurity speakers around.

As his motto, “Advanced Real Estate Technology & Marketing Instructed at a Pre-K Level” states, Craig is able to take extremely complicated topics & present them in a way that the average non-technical person not only understands but is able to apply & improve their business.

In addition to being the CEO of the Real Estate Technology Institute and, the Real Estate Industry’s Home for Online Technology Education, Craig Grant is an avid sports fan & music lover who can be found watching and/or participating in events and concerts with friends.

How Smart Is Your Smart Home?
Tuesday, Feb. 8, 10:45-11:45 a.m. CST

Smart HomeTechnology is all therage, but what does it mean to have a Smart Home? In this session you will gain a better understanding of:
Why it has suddenly exploded in popularity
Who & why are consumers buying them
The many advantages (& risks) of smart home devices
– How to buy smart home devices
– How to set up smart home systems & automations
As a REALTOR the steps you need to know to help you market and/or buy a smart propertyAnd much, much more! 

Become a Mobile Road Warrior
Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2:45-4:45 p.m. CST

Today’s consumer has little patience and is very demanding with high expectations of how they want to be communicated with and serviced. And as a real estate practitioner, you can’t slow down because you are out of the office or don’t have your computer with you. You need to be able to be just as productive in the field (or even while on vacation) as you are in your office. But how is that possible? By using and leveraging many cloud-based tools (including mobile apps, browser extension, the Google Workspace platform, and other cloud-based programs) that will allow you to communicate, document, and service your clients no matter where you are, on any of your devices in a secure environment.

In this session, we will explore what the cloud is, how to leverage it, and most importantly maintain safety, security, and compliance in all aspects of your business.

Chris Garrett

Chris started his career in real estate in late 2005. He is the Principal Broker/Owner at Weichert Realtors- The Andrews Group in Murfreesboro, TN. He specializes in Residential and New Construction.  Chris is a Past President for the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors. He served as 2014-2015 Division 2 Vice President for the Tennessee Realtors. Chris was a Reserve Deputy with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office for 4 years. He was a Subject Matter Expert for the National Association of Realtors Safety Matters Course. Chris serves as FPC for Congressman Scott DesJarlais. He has a passion for teaching and coaching real estate agents. He is married and has 2 children. He is active in his church and loves to spend his free time with his family, practicing Niseido Ju Jitsu and Crossfit. He currently holds the rank of Green Belt in Nisiedo Ju Jitsu.

Putting REALTOR® Safety First
Wednesday , Feb 9,  2:00-3:00 p.m. CST

Safety Strategies for the Modern REALTOR® course is designed to instill safety awareness and habits as second nature so that real estate professionals—as well as their clients and customers—know how to avert or respond to dangerous situations and avoid harm as they practice their profession.

TREC Panel

Members of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) will join us for a special panel and conversation.