Important Resources for Professional Standards, Code of Ethics, and Filing Complaints

            Members of our association and the local associations are REALTORS®.  One of the most important features that distinguishes REALTORS® from other real estate professionals is that, by choosing to become members of the association, REALTORS® agree to be bound by the Code of Ethics created by the National Association of Realtors® and adopted by Tennessee REALTORS®.  The purpose of the Code is to create standards of professionalism, competency and integrity beyond those created by the law.

            Tennessee REALTORS® does not have the authority to enforce state laws or rules nor the authority to revoke the license of a real estate professional.  If you wish to file a complaint with the Tennessee licensing agency (Tennessee Real Estate Commission), click HERE.

            The Code of Ethics offers members, clients, and customers a forum to address complaints if they believe a REALTOR® has violated the Code.  To review the Code of Ethics adopted by Tennessee REALTORS®, click HERE.

            If you believe a REALTOR® has violated the Code, prior to filing a complaint, you may find it helpful to speak to the broker or principal of the agency or to speak to an Ombudsman (a volunteer Tennessee REALTOR® who serves on the Professional Standards Committee and can listen to your concerns and offer guidance). See below for details.  Many difficulties result from misunderstanding or miscommunication which can be resolved through open and constructive dialogue.  Otherwise, if you wish to file a complaint, you will find a link below to our online complaint-filing system.  Prior to filing a complaint, please review this brochure regarding the process.  Most importantly, note that you must submit a written narrative with your complaint explaining the issue in detail, that Tennessee REALTORS® neither investigates nor prosecutes complaints and that you will need to be prepared to attend a hearing and present your complaint and evidence.

            Please note that you must file a complaint within 180 days of the event constituting the matter complained of or within 180 days of the conclusion of the transaction, whichever is later. Please note that complaints against REALTORS® who are members of the following local associations are handled by those local associations and must be filed with the local associations NOT Tennessee REALTORS®: Memphis Area Association of Realtors, Tennessee Valley Association of Realtors, Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors, Eastern Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors, and Bristol TN/VA Association of Realtors.

Code of Ethics

Contact the Broker

Contact the person’s broker to inform him or her what happened. It could lead to a quick resolution.

Look Up Broker Info


This process is used when an individual, usually a REALTOR®, seeks reimbursement based on a contractual agreement or certain non-contractual agreements.


File an Ethics Complaint

If contacting the broker and talking to an ombudsman does not resolve the problem, you can file a formal complaint.

File Complaint

Use the Ombudsman Program

A volunteer from the Tennessee REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee will listen to your concerns, explain possible resolutions, and answer questions.

Ombudsman Program

    If you are experiencing difficulty with the online complaint system or have other questions, please contact Andrea Huddleston, Professional Standards Director at .