Tennessee REALTORS® holds a number of conferences, classes, seminars, and more to help our members learn, grow and succeed in real estate.

Events Coming Up Soon:

12/5 — Registration Opens for 2019 AEI (Austin)
12/11-13 — 2019 Leadership & Advocacy Conference, Nashville — Register HERE — Book your hotel room HERE 
12/11: 2019 Chair/Vice Chair Session
12/12: 2019 Local Presidents **and AEs** Session
12/13 — 2018-19 REALTOR® Advocacy Training *AE + 4 local attendees; sign up 
1/1/19 — Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (New Year’s)
1/9/19 TransactionDesk BASIC (in-house only)
1/16/19 Knowledge is Power: Forms Update (in-house + livestream)
2/4/19 — Nomination Deadline for 2020 NAR Positions
2/4-6 — Exec. Leadership Roadshow #1 (Middle Tennessee)
2/7-8 — Academy of Real Estate Advancement (A.R.E.A.) Leadership Session 1
2/13 — Tennessee REALTORS® Nominating Committee
2/13** TransactionDesk ADVANCED (in-house only)
2/21-24 NAR RPAC President’s Circle Conference, Palm Springs CA
2/25* Tennessee Excel Summit (TNEX) Hotel Cutoff unless already full
2/28** TREC Core Residential (in-house + livestream)
2/28* Tennessee Excel Summit (TNEX) Early Bird Deadline
3/5 — Tennessee REALTORS® Day on the Hill, Nashville
3/8 — Deadline: Board of Directors Alternates
3/13* Tennessee Excel Summit (TNEX) Registration Ends
3/18-19* Tennessee Excel Summit (TNEX), Cool Springs
3/19 RPAC Celebration, Kings Bowl, Cool Springs

*TNEX, formerly the Spring Conference

We offer two major events (spring and fall) and several other key meetings during the year:

Prof Dvmt Photo 1 - Spring Conference
Learn about TNEx 2019

Learn about our Fall Convention

Learn about our Leadership & Advocacy Conference
Learn about our Broker Summit

Check the upcoming dates for TNEx 2019 and the Fall Convention, as well as for NAR national events:

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Meeting Schedule
Meeting/Event 2018 2019 2020
NAR Annual Governance Meetings, Conference and Expo October 31-November 5, Boston November 6-11, San Francisco November 11-16, New Orleans
NAR Associations Executive Institute March 23-26, Charlotte March 29-April 1, Austin March 13-16, San Diego
NAR Leadership Summit August 5-7, Chicago August 12-13, Chicago August 17-18, Chicago
NAR Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo May 14-18, D.C. May 13-18, D.C. May 11-16, D.C.
NAR REALTOR Party Training November 27-29, Minneapolis
RPAC President’s Circle Annual Conference March 1-4 February 21-24, La Quinta
RPAC Trustees Committee Will meet over Fall Convention & Spring Conference Will meet over Fall Convention & Spring Conference Will meet over Fall Convention & Spring Conference
RPAC-A-THON June 6, Nashville
TN REALTORS® Advocacy Training January 29, Nashville December 13, Nashville
TN REALTORS® Local Association President & AE Leadership Session December 12, Nashville December 12, Nashville
TN REALTORS® Chair and Vice Chair Training December 13, Nashville December 11, Nashville
TN REALTORS® Day on the Hill January 30, Nashville March 5, Nashville
TN REALTORS® Executive Committee Meeting June 12, Nashville
TN REALTORS® Executive Committee Meeting December 10, Nashville December 10, Nashville
TN REALTORS® Executive Committee Training September 23-25 (for incoming 2019 EC)
TN REALTORS® Fall Convention September 12-14, Knoxville September 18-20, Destin, FL
TN REALTORS® Spring Conference March 19-20, Cool Springs March 18-19, Cool Springs February 2-5, Nashville
TREEF Committee Will meet over Fall Convention & Spring Conference Will meet over Fall Convention & Spring Conference Will meet over Fall Convention & Spring Conference