Angela Shields

Angela Shields

Chief Executive Officer

Angela began her career with the REALTOR® organization in Athens, Georgia, as the CEO of the Athens Area Association of REALTORS®. In 2010, she assumed the role of CEO/President for the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®, an organization of 11,000+ members. In the fall of 2017, she was named CEO of Tennessee REALTORS®.

Over the years, she has served the National Association of REALTORS® on the Board of Directors and on several committees and workgroups including the Association Executives Committee, RCE Governing Board, Business Issues, Research, Data Strategies, Federal Technology Policy Advisory Board, Land Use, Property Rights and Environment committees, Association Executives Institute Advisory Board, and Associations Executives Recommendations and Recognitions Advisory Board.  She is currently serving on the RPR Board of Directors.

Angela holds the CAE, RCE and e-Pro designations. She’s been presented with the NAR Omega Tau Rho, and inducted into the Dr. Almon R. (Bud Smith), RCE, AE Leadership Society.  She is a proud graduate from the University of Georgia holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

  • Executive Committee

  • Manage Strategic Planning, Association Policy, and Procedures

  • Governance (Governing Documents, Awards, Nominating, etc.)

  • Board of Directors

  • Personnel