We have received a report of a scam targeting Tennessee REALTORS® using our logo while claiming to be from Commissioner Carter Lawrence of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Please see the image below.  

The document appears to be a notice of an investigation or administrative review. It is neither from Tennessee REALTORS® nor the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) and should be reported to TREC immediately. TREC and Tennessee REALTORS® are two separate and independent entities, TREC will never use the Tennessee REALTORS® logo or letterhead.

A true, legitimate complaint filed with the TREC would provide a case number along with the opportunity to respond, and instructions to submit a response.

If you have any professional standards questions, please contact Andrea Huddleston at  or call Tennessee REALTORS® at 615-321-1477 before taking action.

**If you are a member of any local associations except Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS® or Bristol TN/VA Association of REALTORS®, any Code of Ethics complaint filed against Tennessee REALTORS® would be shared with you via email and again would include a case number, a copy of the complaint filed, and instructions to respond.