— Support SB569/HB605 by Johnson/Lamberth: Allowing real estate licensees to be paid through corporate entities

  • This legislation is being brought by Tennessee REALTORS® and seeks to clarify that a real estate licensee can receive commission checks through a corporate entity, rather than made out to the licensee.
  • This will help our membership alleviate their tax burden if they choose to receive commissions this way, as the legislation is permissive.
  • The bill requires the corporate entity to be solely owned by the licensee so the licensee will remain responsible for any actions of the entity under the Broker’s Act.]

— Support SB895/HB716 by Stevens/Hurt: Clarifies that the Landlord Tenant Act of the State of Tennessee is the governing law on landlord-tenant relationships

  • This legislation is being brought by Tennessee REALTORS® and states that the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act will be the sole governing authority on landlord-tenant relationships.
  • Recently, there have been issues with Nashville Metro’s Council placing burdensome restrictions on landlords.
  • Tennessee REALTORS® feels the obligations in the Landlord Tenant Act on both landlords and tenants are sufficient protections for all parties.
  • This bill does not affect the application of the Landlord Tenant Act, as the Act will continue to apply only in counties with a population of 75,000 or more, pursuant to the 2010 Census.

— Support Gov. Bill Lee’s initiative on Broadband Expansion

  • Tennessee REALTORS® supports bringing broadband to more areas across the state. This will enhance the lives of homeowners, families, students and others; help our membership work with property buyer and sellers in less-connected parts of Tennessee; and bring economic growth to those areas.
  • Tennessee REALTORS® believes every Tennessean should have access to a high-speed, world-class communications infrastructure and that high-capacity broadband connectivity should be affordable and widely accessible, especially in today’s environment.