The position of a Tennessee Political Coordinator (TNPC) plays a key role in making sure our state legislators are informed on issues that matter to Tennessee REALTORS®. TNPCs serve as advocates on behalf of all Tennessee REALTORS® and ensure that legislators understand issues and concerns regarding the real estate industry and property rights. Through fostering a great relationship with legislator(s), TNPCs spearhead communication, ensuring the voices of Tennessee REALTORS® are heard and understood.

Before applying to be a TNPC, please look over the Key Responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities of a Tennessee Political Coordinator

  • Serve a two-year term
  • Advocate on behalf of Tennessee REALTORS®, setting aside all personal views and opinions and working toward the success of the REALTORS® agenda.
  • Build, grow, and maintain great relationship(s) with assigned legislator(s).
  • Contact assigned legislator(s) and complete a field report at least once per quarter. This is a total of four times a year.
  • Respond to all Calls for Action, and encourage others to respond as well.
  • Lead the meeting with your legislator(s) and attend the annual Tennessee REALTOR® Day on the Hill.
  • Participate in and complete all required training.
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Current Representatives and TNPCs

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