Application Deadline: July 12

The REALTOR® of the Year Award is given annually to the member who best represents the most complete character and professional profile of a REALTOR®.

1) The official Tennessee REALTORS® Realtor® of the Year Application Form must be used.

2) Applications will be accepted as follows: 1) one Realtor® member from each Local Association; 2) one Realtor® member from any Tennessee REALTORS® Director.

3) Application may be filled in by the member submitting the nomination or by the nominee but must be sent into to Tennessee REALTORS® by the Local Association or the Tennessee REALTORS® Director nominating the member.

4) The immediate past president of the State Association and current president of the State Association are not eligible. Nominee must be a Realtor® member at time form is submitted.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

Coming April 22, 2024.

2023 Hagan Stone
2022 Brian Copeland
2021 Chris Garrett
2020 Leon Dickson, Sr.
2019 Sue Stinson-Turner
2018 Pat Beech
2017 Randy Thomas
2016 Mike J. Gaughan
2015 B.J. Swinehart
2014 Emil Mongeon
2013 Janice Carlton
2012 Fay Robinson
2011 Fontaine Taylor
2010 Margaret Dixon
2009 Jewell McKinney
2008 Christie Wilson
2007 Richard Courtney
2006 George A. Kangles
2005 Doug Collins
2004 Rosemarie Fair
2003 Rich Levenson
2002 Sandra Gilley
2001 John Griess
2000 Lois Killebrew
1999 Joe Carter
1998 Ralph Hanning
1997 Bobbi Gillis
1996 C. Richards Bales
1995 Taylor N. French
1994 Charles E. Askew
1993 Gerald D. Daves
1992 Bob N. Galbreath
1991 Edward M. Fisher
1990 William R. Manier
1989 Martin Edwards, Jr.
1988 Marvin Palmer