Agency Agreements (Series 100)
F101 2019 RF101 Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement (Designated Agency)
F102 2019 RF102 Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement (Seller Agency)
F131 2019 RF131 Lot/Land Exclusive Right to Sell Listing (Designated)
F132 2019 RF132 Lot/Land Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement – Seller Agency
F141 2019 RF141 Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement
F142 2019 RF142 Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement(Buyer Agency)
F143 2019 RF143 Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement (Designated Agency)
F144 2019 RF144 Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement (Buyer Agency)
F151 2019 RF151 Listing/Agency Mutual Release Agreement
F161 2019 RF161 Agreement to Show Property
Disclosures by Clients and Customers (Series 200)
F201 2019 RF201 TN Residential Property Condition Disclosure
F202 2019 RF202 Tennessee Residential Property Condition Disclosure Update
F203 2019 RF203 TN Residential Property Condition Exemption Notification
F204 2019 RF204 Tennessee Residential Property Condition Disclaimer
F205 2019 RF205 Tennessee Residential Property Disclosure(For Exempt Properties and Property Residential Disclaimers)
F207 2019 RF207 Impact Fees or Adequate Facilities Taxes Disclosure
F208 2019 RF208 Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Permit Disclosure
F209 2019 RF209 Lead-Based Paint Disclosure for Purchase
F210 2019 RF210 Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
F211 2019 RF211 Green Features System Checklist
Disclosures by Realtors (Series 300)
F301 2019 RF301 Working with a Real Estate Professional
F302 2019 RF302 Confirmation of Agency Status
F303 2019 RF303 Notification of Change in Status OR Agency Relationship
F304 2019 RF304 Disclaimer Notice
F305 2019 RF305 Personal Interest Disclosure and Consent
F307 2019 RF307 Referral For Service Disclosure
Contracts Between Parties (Series 400)
F401 2019 RF401 Purchase and Sale Agreement
F481 2019 RF481 Earnest Money Disbursement and Mutual Release of Purchase and Sale Agreement
Exhibits (Series 500)
F501 2019 RF501 Condominium Legal Description Exhibit
F505 2019 RF505 Pre-Construction Specifications Exhibit
Addenda and Amendments (Series 600)
F601 2019 RF601 Amendment to the Listing Agreement
F602 2019 RF602 Short Sale Amendment to the Listing Agreement
F621 2019 RF621 Addendum #____ to the Purchase and Sale Agreement
F622 2019 RF622 Back-Up Agreement Contingency Addendum
F623 2019 RF 623 Sellers Right to Continue to Market Property Addendum
F624 2019 RF624 Sellers Notice to Buyer Receipt of Acceptable Offer
F625 2019 RF625 VA/FHA Loan Addendum
F626 2019 RF626 Temporary Occupancy Agreement For the Buyer Prior to Closing Amendment/Addendum
F651 2019 RF651 Counter Offer
F654 2019 RF654 Repair/Replacement Proposal
F657 2019 RF657 Closing Date/Possession Date Amendment
F660 2019 RF660 Buyers Final Inspection Amendment
F663 2019 RF663 Multiple Offer Disclosure and Notification
Miscellaneous (Series 700)
F701 2019 RF701 Referral Agreement
F702 2019 RF702 Compensation Agreement Between Listing & Selling Broker