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Dr. Bruggeman (Ph.D Michigan State U. / Ecological Economics) founded Ecological Services and Markets, an Asheville-based consulting firm, in 2009 to better value natural assets to support sustainable economies. Dr. Bruggeman’s work has centered on developing market-based strategies for mitigating the effects of habitat loss and adapting to climate change. He serves on the Board of Directors for the National Environmental Banking Association. Prior to completing his PhD, he worked as an Ecotoxicologist supporting Superfund and Brownfield re-development. Dr. Bruggeman is also a licensed REALTOR® with National Land Realty.

Climate Change and Real Estate Investing:
Natural disasters have become a significant factor underlying mortgage default. Further properties less vulnerable to threats such as flooding sell at comparably higher prices. The “Climate Change & Real Estate Investing” class is designed to help Realtors understand the threats that drought, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and sea level rise pose to clients buying or selling real property. Further, we will discuss what the best available science and data indicate regarding the link between these threats and climate change. The class will help Realtors understand risk under climate change, what the existing uncertainties are, and where to find the best available scientific information. While realtors can not be expected to be scientific experts, this course will help realtors direct their clients to critical public data sources.

Smart Growth for 21st Century:
A community functions best with homes for all incomes, jobs, schools, open space, desirable destinations and services, and different ways to reach them—by foot, bicycle, public transit, or automobile. Smart growth is about recognizing and understanding the various facets of a vibrant community and how to achieve and maintain a balance among them. REALTORS® have everything to gain by joining with other community leaders to assure ample homeownership opportunities in communities with efficient transportation, good schools, and open space. After all, REALTORS® sell more than just homes, they sell neighborhoods. And, more than ever, homebuyers want the convenience and value of smart growth. Smart growth focuses on the existing assets of the community, the long-run implications of various development patterns, and their fiscal impacts. The bottom line: some ways of growing are more sustainable than others.

An attorney, real estate educator, nerd and occasional stay-at-home mom, Trista started her legal career in the Statehouse, as Assistant Legal Counsel to Kansas Governor Bill Graves. A desire to develop courtroom skills led her to the Office of the District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District of Kansas as an Assistant District Attorney. Her love of politics was my reason for joining the REALTOR® family as Government Affairs Director and Legal Counsel for a local association. It was there that I saw a need for educational opportunities that focus on the regulation of the real estate industry, presented in a manner that everyone could relate to. She now travels the country providing excellent education to real estate licensees.

Who Let the Dogs Out? Reasonable Accommodations and the Fair Housing Act
An “emotional support peacock”? Learn what are reasonable accommodations under the Fair Housing Act and what guidance HUD offers real estate agents and property managers who are addressing these issues.

Everything Old is New Again: Fair Housing, Anti-Trust & the Data Deluge 
In 2018 over 5 billion records were exposed through data breaches. If you’ve been the victim of a data breach, you know how damaging even one record being exposed can be. This course examines the real estate professional’s role in protecting their client’s data and respecting the data leveraged by social and digital media. How collected data is handled in terms of fair housing will affect everyone moving forward–from large platforms such as Facebook to the individual agent trying to reach “target” markets. Also up for examine are real estate professionals’ postings on public platforms that violate 100+ year old anti-trust laws. How these old laws resurface and apply with a digital medium directly impacts how brokers must manage their brokerages. 

Go Forth and Sin No More — Code of Ethics
Designed to meet the NAR Code of Ethics training requirements this course is Ethics as only Trista can teach it. Examining how the NAR Code of Ethics intersects with state and federal law, this course provides a new perspective on the Code and risk management in the practice of real estate. Providing adequate time for class participation and discussion this course asks “what would you do?” and applies the answers to current case studies and examples.

As a real estate educator, broker and 20-year veteran of the real estate and mortgage industry, Cheryl Knowlton is obsessed with helping real estate agents become more relevant in today’s marketplace through harnessing the power of engaging education. As a record breaking recruiter, licensed broker, real estate sales and mortgage expert, Cheryl specializes in enthusiastically empowering real estate excellence by consistently delivering highly engaging and relevant content.

As the CEO and Chief Energy Officer of Dynamite Productions, a global real estate training company, Cheryl’s programming ensures that real estate licensees, designated brokers and mortgage professionals leave with the practical tools they need to hit the ground running and experience explosive growth and success in their careers. In addition to holding the highly coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Designation and the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) Designation, she also holds 15 NAR Designations and Certifications and can teach 12 of them. Cheryl also designed and built a Utah real estate pre-licensing school from the ground up.

Cheryl has traveled to 27 different states to speak for state and local associations throughout the country, including having taught at Triple Play three times. As of 2019, she is now enthusiastically bringing Instructor Development and mandatory content development to states all across the country to assist other educators in raising the bar in their own back yards. Enthusiastically dedicated to raising the bar of professionalism in real estate, as well as personal development, Cheryl carries this high-octane vibe into the classroom and all of her online video content. She loves teaching the many courses she has authored nationally, as well as NAR designation courses, incorporating fun into the programming to ensure students participate in learning through a variety of modalities. Cheryl genuinely loves the real estate industry and gets completely “lit up” about the moving the needle and taking the real estate industry to the next level through professional real estate education.

Cheryl has been a proud member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) since 2010, where she serves on the NSA Mountain West Chapter Board of Directors. She has also been a member of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) since 2010, where she earned her Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) designation in 2014. Dedicated to keeping in touch with the pulse of real estate, she’s actively involved in the Women’s Council of REALTORS® locally and regionally.

Cheryl is also author of the book Burning the Hamster Wheel: Stress Management Strategies for Today’s Real Estate Professional, which can be found on Amazon and Kindle.

Burn the Hamster Wheel:
10 Strategies for Achieving Life Balance: Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you wanted to stop the world, so you could get off? Imagine a world where your life was joyfully in balance. Is such a world possible? Is balance a myth? Come and enjoy this enlightening and fun session to find out how to permanently burn the “hamster wheel” with 10 strategies for creating and sustaining balance in your life.

Herding Cats:
Best Business Practices for Brokers: As a broker, do you ever feel like you are herding cats? In the highly litigious world in which we live, brokers and licensees need to stay on the cutting edge of best practices, so they can stay ahead of the legal curve. As you strategize about ways to help yourself and other agents raise the bar of professionalism in their own businesses, you need to concentrate on ways to minimize risk for our clients, for yourselves, your brokerages, and the public at large.


CRS Tax I: Tax Search
Learn to effectively search by owner name, address, etc.
Property Report – View warranty deeds, building footprints, mortgage information, and other items.
Comparables – Understand and use the automated comparables report.
Maps – Navigate through and use aerial, topographical, flood and directional maps from the tax reports. Also learn how to use additional layers and measuring tools with the Maps
Profile & Settings – Learn how to Brand your CRS Reports and update your personal profile.

CRS Tax II: Advanced Search
Learn to search via census tract, previous owner name, property type, and land use.

Saving Search Criteria – Learn to save criteria with a user specified name for future use.
Viewing, Refining and Formatting Results – Learn to sort and evaluate property results.
Lables and Exporting – Learn how to search on a geographic area and print address labels or export data for use in other applications such as a Microsoft Mail Merge.
Statistical Facts & Figures – Learn to read and understand price trend stats provided by CRS and the Federal Government and other statistical reports.
Profile & Settings – Learn how to Brand your CRS Reports, update your personal profile, and manage your Customized Settings in CRS

In 2017, Dr. Rick Rigsby delivered one of the most passionate speeches ever heard.  Over 200 MILLION people worldwide viewed it in a video that went viral. Dr. Rick is President and CEO of Rick Rigsby Communications. The former award-winning journalist followed a television career with graduate school—and two decades as a college professor, most of those years at Texas A&M University, where he also served as character coach and chaplain for the Aggies football team.

Dr. Rick’s dynamic presentations motivate, empower and inspire worldwide—from Africa and Asia, to the Americas, Europe and Canada. Named twice as an outstanding professor in the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M, Dr. Rick has numerous publications.  His first non-academic book—Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout—is a USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller.

Mastering The Ordinary:
Innovative technology requires understanding the relationship between competitive advantage and mastering the basics. Organizational success depends on the effective execution of core competencies. Ask any high achiever and they’ll tell you that meticulous attention to detail is the difference between good and great.

Dr. Rick Rigby’s father—a third-grade dropout, and the wisest man he ever encountered—convinced Rick that “the basics” must never be relegated to the basement of the professional portfolio. Cultures are transformed when individuals commit to routine greatness!

Join Rick as he delivers a captivating speech designed to ignite your imagination and awaken your creativity. Prepare to discover the extraordinary by Mastering the Ordinary!

Terry goes by the nickname “The AHA Guy” because it’s his goal to give your audiences ideas they’ve never heard before… and that will drastically change the way they do business in the future.

As a CSP, Terry has been designated one of the world’s top speaking professionals. (Only 10% of the speakers who belong to the Global Speakers Federation hold this title – fewer than 600 worldwide.) His 20+ years of experience serving thousands of clients has made him a consummate professional in the world of wannabe speakers.

Terry’s style is bold, funny, and wildly entertaining – while still delivering real world lessons that resonate with your audience and solve real problems for his clients.

If your attendees aren’t often overheard in the halls saying, “I can’t believe I didn’t know that” or “I haven’t laughed this hard in years” or “I am so glad I was here”, Terry was not your speaker.

I Smell What You’re Stepping In:
Value vs Service: It’s all about ME! The public wants to feel like you “get” them. They want to know you smell what they are stepping in. They want to know: “What have you done for me lately”? In this hilarious session, Terry Watson will consolidate best and worst practices from the top agents from around the world! Learn the simple things that have an obscene impact on customer experience, satisfaction, and your income. This fast-paced laugh-out-loud funny session will give you countless real-world tools used by agents who are the best in the world. Some sessions can be missed… Some sessions you can get from notes… Not this one!

The Yelp Effect 10:
In this presentation, Terry will show you not only how to develop your expertise, but to showcase it in a way that generates trust from the marketplace.

Avoiding Data Security Roadkill:
This is the eye-opening course the public wishes you had taken years ago. You will be given tools that can be implemented immediately to ensure you are protecting the public from harm.