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GRI Instructor Policies: Classroom Courses

  1. The first, most important responsibility of every GRI instructor is to be THOROUGHLY PREPARED for his/her teaching assignment.
  2. Learning Objectives have been adopted for each of the Tennessee GRI courses, and are the basis upon which all courses and materials are to be developed, taught, and evaluated.
  3. Every faculty member is responsible for assisting TREEF in its development of any course materials as well as the PowerPoint slides or other visual aids used to illustrate the course. All materials should ensure the achievement of the Learning Objectives for the course, sufficient activity, and involvement by students, and actual student ability to apply new skills or knowledge in class.
  4. If – due to illness for a family emergency – an instructor must cancel or withdraw from a teaching assignment less than 6 weeks before a course, and an alternate instructor must be assigned, the instructor originally assigned to the course mist assist the alternate in preparing for the course.
  5. At least 2 weeks in advance of the course, the instructor must advise local association host staff of travel arrangements and hotel room needs.
  6. Immediately prior to the opening of the course, the instructor is responsible for inspecting classroom facilities and, in cooperation with on-site (Assn.) staff, making feasible corrections to any problems.
  7. During the course, the instructor is responsible for:
    • Informing all students of attendance (100%) requirements;
    • Presenting the course effectively, setting an example of good preparation and delivery;
    • Remaining alert to student comments and adjusting the presentation of maximum effectiveness;
    • Ensuring that the Self-Assessment (mock exam) is administered in the final hour of the course and reviewed with students after their completion of it; and
    • Promoting all GRI courses and the GRI designation at every opportunity
  8. Immediately after the course, the instructor must complete an expense report and send it to the TREEF. GRI classroom facility compensation is currently based on a fee of $1,500 per instructional day, plus reimbursement of (coach) airfare or auto mileage, actual meal expenses up to $50/day, and hotel room and tax.
  9. Every instructor should AVOID the following pitfalls in presentations:
    • Introducing yourself as a “new” instructor (or new to this course) – thereby undermining your own credibility;
    • Introducing course materials as “new” (thereby inviting some students to feel like guinea pigs);
    • Overwhelming students with your own knowledge or expertise (intentionally or unintentionally)… it’s perceived as arrogance;
    • Failing to use PowerPoint or other visual aids often enough (for visually-oriented students);
    • Failing to meet illustrations or any displayed text large enough on visual aids;
    • Putting too much text on PowerPoint …it should be used primarily for graphic illustrations, NOT slide after slide of bullet points;
    • Reading your presentation from the slides (most of our students already know how to read!);
    • Lecturing endlessly without periodic interruptions for some prepared activities, case studies, or other opportunities for student involvement;
    • Failing to use a microphone with a medium-to-large audience, even when you seem to be projecting OK;
    • Telling students “you don’t have time to ver everything”… “there’s two days worth of material in a one-day course”… “we’re going to have to race through this”… too often, this complaint creates student resentment, and is easier than admitting poor time management, or carefully selecting what truly needs to be covered;
    • Telling too many “war stories”… and not using enough relevant stories (case studies and true-life relevant examples);
    • Belittling or making fun of ANY student, regardless of how you may be provoked (if you choose to make fun of anyone, make fun of yourself …classes will typically sympathize with even the most obnoxious student, if the instructor picks on him/her);
    • Using ANY off-color language, remarks, or humor in a classroom;
    • Using sexist remarks or example in class, and
    • Making too many references to one city/locale/state (“the way we do it in ___, etc.”).
    • The use of disparaging comments directed to National Association of REALTORS® or Tennessee REALTORS®.
    • Standing policy prohibits instructors from actively promoting or selling their own books, tapes, courses, or other products in the classroom at GRI courses.
  10. Every instructor, when teaching, will be evaluated by the students attending. To provide constructive input, all instructors will also be subject to periodic “administrative evaluations” by TREEF Trustees. All evaluations will be maintained by TREEF. A summary of instructor evaluations is made available to the instructor and to each member of TREEF’s Executive Committee.
  11. The Tennessee REALTORS® Director of Professional Development will handle the hiring, scheduling, assignment, and termination of instructors for all GRI courses, in consultation with the Faculty Review Panel.

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