Legislative Updates

Legislative Update Week of 2-7-20

Update/Memo As January passes, so does the first month of an exciting 2020 legislative session. February; however, brings with it a few things of note, such as Governor Bill Lee’s second State of the State address, the bill filing deadline, and the beginnings of the budgetary process. Thus far, 755 bills have been filed

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Legislative Update Week of 1-20-20

Update/Memo This week marked the beginning of session for the Tennessee General Assembly. On Tuesday, January 14 at Noon, Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally and newly elected Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton officially gaveled in the second legislative season of the 111th General Assembly. State Representative Rusty Grills, this year’s lone new member in

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Legislative Update : 2019 SESSION WRAP-UP

2019 Legislative Wrap-up (detailed report) Click HERE to view / download. 2019 Legislative Bullets (one page) Click HERE to view / download.

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Legislative Update Week of 4-22-19

Update/Memo With only a few weeks left of this year’s session, both Chambers are rushing to get through the still large slate of bills and resolutions remaining on the legislative agenda. In an effort to begin finalizing business for the year, the House has suspended certain parliamentary rules and procedures. In that push, the

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