Legislative Updates

Legislative Update Week of 3-2-20

Update/Memo As we continue to proceed quickly through session, we wanted to draw your attention to several bills: SB2029/HB2672 — Contracting performed by unlicensed persons SB2148/HB2217 — Licensing Innovation Act SB2451/HB1944 — Licensing Independence for Future Tennesseans Act SB2712/HB2807 — Requires certain landlords to offer security-deposit alternatives to tenants In Legislative news this week,

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Legislative Update Week of 2-24-20

Update/Memo Here are several bills we wanted to bring to your attention this week: HB2544: Requires a landlord to give a tenant 60 days' notice prior to the termination of a residential lease agreement. Set for House Business Subcommittee 02/25/20. HB2547: Requires that the real estate disclosure form state whether residential real estate is

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Legislative Update Week of 2-17-20

Update/Memo The General Assembly is now operating at full-speed – budget presentations are well underway, legislation is constantly being put on notice, and committee calendars are filling up fast. With over 1,500 pieces of legislation filed this year alone, the General Assembly will have to move fast to adjourn by Easter, a date mentioned

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Legislative Update Week of 2-14-20

Update/Memo Last week, Gov. Bill Lee gave his second State of the State address, announcing his administration’s proposed budget & investments in major areas, including education and mental health. Gov. Lee announced a $250M endowment aimed at improving mental health in K-12 education, along with over $100M set aside for pay raises for Tennessee’s

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