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1-9-17 — Vol.: 2017 Iss.: 1 • Brian Copeland, 2017 President • Phil Newman, TAR Digest Editor   TAKEAWAYS: ✔  Register now for Spring Conference! (March 27 & 28) ✔  *A summary of changes to our 2017 Forms* ✔  Meet Jennifer Farrar, our new Political Affairs Coordinator ✔  Get practical insights on Closing Disclosures   CONTENTS In the News 1.

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5-9-16 — Vol.: 2016 Iss.: 18 • Randy Durham, 2016 President • Phil Newman, TAR Digest Editor  TAR TAKEAWAYS ✔  Why down payments may keep millennials renting ✔  Make sure Gmail is working for you—and your clients ✔  Is it OK to promote reduced commission rates? ✔  See how this online lead first-call script grabs you CONTENTS In the

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1-28-14 TAR DIGEST

The 1-28-14 Newsletter of the Tennessee Association of REALTORS Editor: Pug Scoville 1. Upcoming COURSES & EVENTS 2. Memphis and Nashville Get Good News! 3. A Legislative Update from Chris 4. Time To Change Your Passwords? 5. TWO Instructor-Training Opportunities! 6. HOT LINE: Handling Multiple Offers? 7. HOT LINE: Multiple Copies of the Disclaimer Notice?

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