Since the mid-1980s, TREEF has periodically honored one individual as State REALTOR® Educator of the Year. This award has not been given every year, but instead bestowed only when it is felt that some individual genuinely merits this recognition. The recipient is chosen by TREEF on the basis of his/her contribution to the education of REALTORS® across the state. The recipient has usually but not always been a REALTOR®. Their contribution may take many forms— instruction, committee work, course development or assistance, etc.

The emphasis has always been on: (1) work done on a statewide basis, for Tennessee REALTORS® or for Local Associations other than his/her own; and (2) work done on a volunteer (unpaid) basis because of the individual’s dedication to education. Nominations may be made by a Local Association, by a Local Association AE, or by any TREEF Trustee.

The deadline to complete and submit the application is Friday, July 8, 2022.

Current TREEF Instructors

Moren Adenubi

Susan Barnette

Oliver Barry

Rebecca Cooper

Randa Dawson

Janet DiChiara

Kathy Dunn

Greg Glosson

Susan Greene

Barry Hensley

Pam Hurd

Bryan Kendrick

Bill Malone

Lisa Martin

Brent Maybank

Kathie Moore

Barbara L. Noreen (Bobbie)

Kathy Oaks

Jim Oakley

Erik Palmer

Ron Poe

Sher Powers

Ingrid Prather

Karen Randolph

Nedra Redditt

Bill Schlueter

Patricia Shepherd

Sue Stinson-Turner

Larry Strazzella

Angie Stumbo

Aaron Taylor

Jordan Vaughn

Ron Wills

Bobby Wood