Wildfires swept across eastern Tennessee on March 30 and 31, 2022, causing destruction of thousands of acres of land and damaging hundreds of structures, with the heaviest damage occurring in Sevier County. As of April 5th, the majority of the fires had been extinguished or contained, but left a trail of destruction in its wake. Tennessee REALTORS® is working to help families impacted by the wildfires rental or mortgage relief by filing for assistance via the REALTOR® Relief Foundation. Anyone who has lost their primary home in to the fire or has been displaced, can now apply for up to $1000 in rental/mortgage assistance.

Type of Assistance

Assistance is available to qualified applicants towards one of the following options: 1) Monthly mortgage expense for the primary residence that was damaged by the Wildfire Disaster or; 2) Rental cost due to displacement from the primary residence resulting from the Wildfire Disaster. Relief assistance is limited to a maximum of $1,000 per applicant per household. Deadline for application submission is July 31, 2022. Please note this assistance is for housing relief only; other expenses including second mortgages (home equity lines or loans), personal loans, hotel/motel expenses, clothing, appliances, equipment, vehicle purchase, rental or repair and or mileage are ineligible for reimbursement under this program.

Recipient must be a full-time resident and U.S. citizen or legally admitted for residence in the United States.

All information provided on this form will remain confidential and will be available only to those who need to confirm eligibility for assistance and to those who process the assistance to be provided. This includes providing a copy of this application to the applicant’s lender or landlord, if requested. It will not be shared with other parties for any other purpose.


Step 1:
Download the Application

Step 2:
Fill it out COMPLETELY, submitting an incomplete application or not including the necessary documents will result in your application being denied or having to restart the process completely. 

Step 3:
Mail your application and all necessary documents to:

Tennessee REALTORS®
Attn: Candy Harris
901 19th Avenue S Nashville, TN 37212-2137

or email your application and all necessary documents to:

Find more disaster-relief resources on our website HERE.

We encourage you to consider donating to NAR’s REALTORS® Relief Foundation (RRF). The RRF distributes 100% of all funds collected to disaster relief causes on an “as-needed” basis. Donate directly to the RRF HERE.