Please see the comprehensive bill report and legislative calendar below. Here are several bills and issues of note:

  • REALTOR® Championed SB569/HB605, which allows for real estate commission checks to be paid to a corporate entity, passed the House Floor and Senate Commerce & Labor Committee last week unanimously.  The legislation’s last stop is the Senate Floor, where it will be considered March 22 on the consent calendar. 
  • REALTOR® Championed HB716/SB895, which prohibits local governments in counties in which the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act applies from enacting or enforcing regulations that conflict with, or are an addition to, the Act, passed House Business & Utilities subcommittee and is set for Commerce Committees in both Chambers this week.
  • HB177/SB459, which as amended, authorizes property managers to testify against tenants in the same manner as landlords or owners of rental property and defines “manager” to mean an individual, group, business, or organization hired by a landlord or owner to oversee the day-to-day operations of a premises, passed the Senate and will be heard on the House floor this week.
  • SB874, which Exempts from the sales and use tax, online access to continuing education courses that meet regulatory requirements for certain licensed individuals, if such courses are offered by organizations with a federal non-profit designation, passed the Senate and is set for House Finance, Ways & Means Committee this week.
  • HB1172, which authorizes local governing bodies to pass a resolution or ordinance requiring 50 percent of the tax on residential development to be paid at the time of application for a building permit and the remaining 50 percent of the tax to be paid prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, is set for Senate State & Local Government Committee and House Finance, Ways & Means Subcommittee this week.
  • HB1326, which requires land sale contracts to be recorded in the county where the land lies, or in one of the counties the land lies in if the land is in more than one and defines “land sale contract” as a contract for the sale of land in which the buyer will receive immediate possession of the land and pay the purchase price in installments over time, but the seller will retain legal title until all payments are made, is set for House Property & Planning Subcommittee this week.  Tennessee REALTORS® is opposed to this legislation.

Bill Report Week of March 15, 2021** (View/Download/Print PDF)

Weekly Calendar Week of March 22, 2021** (View/Download/Print PDF)