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Tennessee REALTORS® Champion Clarification of Authority of Landlord Tenant Act

In the 112th General Assembly now in session, Tennessee REALTORS®, the state industry association representing more than 31,000 REALTOR® members, has brought SB895/HB716 (sponsored by Sen. John Stevens and Rep. Chris Hurt).

The proposed legislation clarifies that the Landlord Tenant Act is the governing law on landlord-tenant relationships in Tennessee. The bill states that the long-established Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA) is the sole governing authority on landlord-tenant relationships.

In the counties where it applies—those with a population of 75,000 or more, based on the 2010 census or subsequent census—the URLTA is the sole authority. No local government may pass any ordinance that is more restrictive on landlords or tenants than is established in the Act.

Recently, there have been issues with Nashville Metro’s Council placing burdensome restrictions and requirements on landlords. Tennessee REALTORS® feels that the obligations in the Landlord Tenant Act on both landlords and tenants are sufficient protections for all parties.

This legislation would help to ensure that the Act is applied consistency across Tennessee counties and localities. The bill does not affect the application parameters of the URLTA, as it will continue to apply only in those counties with a 75,000-plus population.

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