Despite days of record-setting cold in Nashville, legislators on the Hill worked diligently through the week, holding committee meetings for the first time this session while also continuing to submit legislation before each houses’ impending filing deadline—February 6 for the House and February 7 for the Senate. Hundreds of bills have been officially filed so far, and hundreds more are expected to be filed within the next week.

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Calendar Report

Week of February 4, 2019

Mon 2/4/19 5:00pm – House Chamber, House Consent
The House will take up the following memorializing resolutions on consent: HJR92-97 and SJR77-81.

Tue 2/5/19 12:00pm – House Hearing Rm III, House Safety & Funding Subcommittee
MEMBERS: CHAIR T. Weaver (R); D. Carr (R); D. Howell (R); L. Lamar (D); J. Potts (D); L. Russell (R)

Tue 2/5/19 1:00pm – Senate Hearing Rm I, Senate Commerce & Labor Committee
MEMBERS: CHAIR P. Bailey (R); VICE CHAIR A. Swann (R); 2ND VICE CHAIR J. Lundberg (R); R. Akbari (D); D. Gresham (R); J. Johnson (R); F. Niceley (R); S. Southerland (R); B. Watson (R)

Tue 2/5/19 3:00pm – Senate Hearing Rm I, Senate Judiciary Committee
The committee will hear a presentation about General Sessions Data Repository Update by Deborah Taylor Tate, Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts.
MEMBERS: CHAIR M. Bell (R); VICE CHAIR J. Lundberg (R); 2ND VICE CHAIR D. White (R); J. Bowling (R); T. Gardenhire (R); S. Kyle (D); K. Roberts (R); K. Robinson (D); J. Stevens (R)

Wed 2/6/19 11:00am – House Hearing Rm I, House Property & Planning Subcommittee
MEMBERS: CHAIR D. Carr (R); J. Crawford  (R); J. Faison (R); B. Freeman (D); E. Helton (R); G. Johnson (D); B. Ramsey (R)

1. HB51 Whitson S. TAXES PROPERTY: Collection of property taxes by banks – evidence of payments provided to trustee. Changes the frequency that banks that collect property taxes must provide evidence of such payments to the trustee from daily to at least every three business days. Deletes outdated references to penalties that are no longer applied and deletes and obsolete code section.
SB393 – S. Dickerson – 01/31/19 – Filed for Introduction
2. HB101 White M. TAXES PROPERTY: Appraisal ratio studies – references to public service commission to removed. Deletes reference to the public service commission and replaces it with a reference to the office of state assessed properties in section regarding ratio of appraisals.
SB73 – D. White – 01/30/19 – Referred to Senate State & Local Government Committee.


Wed 2/6/19 12:30pm – House Hearing Rm II, House TennCare Subcommittee
The subcommittee will hear a presentation of the 2018 Comptroller performance audit report of the Division of TennCare and the TennCare Pharmacy Advisory Committee.
MEMBERS: CHAIR M. Hill (R); R. Gant (R); L. Miller (D); B. Terry (R); D. Thompson  (D); J. Zachary (R); R. Travis (R)

Wed 2/6/19 2:30pm – Senate Hearing Rm I, Senate Education Committee
The committee will hear presentations about the Status of K-12 Education in Tennessee by State Collaborative on Reforming Education (Score) and an Assessment Update by the TN Department of Education.
MEMBERS: CHAIR D. Gresham (R); VICE CHAIR B. Kelsey (R); 2ND VICE CHAIR R. Akbari (D); M. Bell (R); R. Crowe (R); S. Dickerson (R); F. Haile (R); J. Hensley (R); J. Lundberg (R)

Wed 2/6/19 3:30pm – House Hearing Rm II, House Criminal Justice Subcommittee
MEMBERS: CHAIR A. Farmer (R); K. Camper (D); M. Curcio  (R); C. Doggett (R); W. Lamberth (R); B. Ogles (R); A. Parkinson (D)

Wed 2/6/19 5:00pm – House Hearing Rm IV, House Elections & Campaign Finance Subcommittee
MEMBERS: CHAIR T. Rudd (R); M. Carter (R); J. Crawford  (R); Y. Hakeem (D); R. Tillis  (R)