Committee Assignments


Last week marked the start of the 2019 legislative session, with the 111th Tennessee General Assembly being officially gaveled in on Tuesday morning, January 8.

One of the first acts of the new Assembly, which includes a record-high of 30 freshman legislators, was electing Rep. Glen Casada of Franklin as the new Speaker of the House, who accepted the gavel from retiring Speaker Rep. Beth Harwell. Speaker of the Senate Randy McNally was again elected by his Senate colleagues for the position as Speaker and Lieutenant Governor.

Beyond the standard pomp and procedure of the first few session days, lawmakers voted to confirm nominations to the office of State Treasurer and Comptroller of the Treasurer and also began to start filing legislation before the February 7 filing deadline.

With a new session also comes new committees and new committee members, and Thursday afternoon Capitol Hill was buzzing as committee assignments became known. Those assignments are HERE for your review.

Both houses are currently in recess until January 18, at which point the Assembly will reconvene for a special session regarding the inauguration of Governor-Elect Bill Lee the following day. After the inauguration, the House of Representatives will be in recess until it reconvenes on January 23, and the Senate will be in recess until it reconvenes January 28. We look forward to working with you this session.