Are you ready for some phone calls?! RPAC-A-THON is back, and the game is ON for 2019!

On June 5, we will collect investments in RPAC while our all-star leader, 2019 President Kathy Tucker, is stuck on the bench until we hit our goal and get her into the game!

Tennessee REALTORS® will come to you live from our sports desk in Nashville from 10-2 CDT / 11-3 EDT, sharing reports from participating local associations as the game unfolds.

More details:

Wednesday, June 5, 2019, will be a great day for Tennessee REALTORS® and the REALTOR® Party. 

RPAC-A-THON will allow us to work together, statewide, to reach out to fellow REALTORS® and encourage them to join our efforts to protect our industry, impact our community and support RPAC.

RPAC phone banks will allow us to increase investor participation through a REALTOR®-to-REALTOR® ask, an effort that has been proven to work best to secure RPAC investments.  This is a very cost-and time-effective practice that allows us to reach many members in a personal way and in a relatively short period of time.

In addition, working together as a team helps keep morale up and allows us all the opportunity to share tips and learn from each other.  It’s also a chance to create a fun social event while also helping make a strong impact for the REALTOR® Party. RPAC phone banks work because they involve a skill that comes naturally to REALTORS®: effective use of a one-on-one pitch.



Questions? Contact Jennifer Farrar, Tennessee Govt. Affairs Director, (615)-440-5057,