A testimonial to the partnership between Tennessee REALTORS® and Life Line Screening…

We received the following letter from a member who wished to remain anonymous:

I am deeply grateful to call you all my friends, and I want to credit Tennessee REALTORS® with saving my life last week. The member-benefit partnership with Life Line Screening sent me to the hospital with Afib**, a condition I had no idea I have, and consequently got my heart rate reduced, proper medication for ongoing care, and put me back to work. Without this opportunity from Tennessee REALTORS® and Life Line, my days might be very different.

The funny thing is, I only did this to get my husband to go and have the tests. We talked about it and agreed that it would be an affordable way to get his blood and circulation checked, and we could go together. I had received a letter from Buzz Steele announcing the new member benefit, and we called and set it up for last Tuesday. We had the carotid artery and the legs and abdominal ultrasound, the bone-density test, and the heart-Afib test. The first ones were all normal, for both of us, but my heart test was a mess. The tech said the computer was messing up, then the supervisor ran it several times and reset the machine. She finally asked if I was dizzy or faint, exceptionally nervous, or feeling bad. No, to all the above. Then she calmly said my heart rate was a little high and strongly recommended that I go to my doctor, an urgent-care clinic, or the ER within 24 hours to get it checked again. She gave me a copy of the heart scan and sent me on my way.

Since it was late in the afternoon, I decided to go over to my doctor, less than two miles away, to get this over with. I handed them the papers from Life Line, he ran his EKG (10 leads instead of the four used at Life Line), and he told me to go directly to the hospital. He wasn’t kidding. I did, ER admitted me, and still I felt fine. When they hooked up all the monitors, my blood pressure was up to 199/145 and my heart rate was bouncing all over the place (150-210 bpm). They started medicating immediately. The good news is that everything is back in normal range, except my heart is still in Afib (fast and irregular heartbeat), I still feel just fine, and I have new meds to keep everything going right.

That test was the key. Had it not been for that direct-mail piece to my home, things might be different today.

Thank you for making this opportunity available to all members. It should be strongly encouraged for all members and families, and direct mail is still an attention getter that works. One final note: the Life Line team called two days later to remind me to follow up with my doctor, and I told her I was in the hospital getting the treatment I needed. She was so kind, said lots of folks ignore their recommendations, and was grateful that they could get me the help I didn’t know I needed.

My heartfelt appreciation to the Tennessee REALTORS® team that created this member benefit. It saved my life, and my husband is happy with that!

**Atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm

Learn more about Life Line Screening at THIS LINK. It might just save your life or the life of a loved one.