7-11-16 Vol.: 2016 Iss.: 25 • Randy Durham, 2016 President • Phil Newman, TAR Digest Editor

Manage your license online with TREC’s “CORE”
Protect your personal/financial info from hackers
Click into a free webinar for graphic-design tips
Smart ways to approach affinity partnerships

**Go HERE to watch this week’s video recap, featuring quick news updates + a Q&A with hotline attorney Addison Russell.**

In the News
TREC: Manage Your License Online
2. TN Housing Report on the Way
3. Charleston: Get the Worm!
4. Smokin’ Economic Insights

Member Services
5. Get Schooled with ERMA
6. RETI Webinar: Graphic Design
Professional Development
7. REBAC Tip: Affinity Partnerships
Legal & Ethics Hot Line
8. Protect Myself from Hackers?

9. Copy of Earnest-Money Check?
10. Share Personal Info with Landlord?
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1. TREC: Manage Your License Online

Big news from the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC), brought to us by executive director Malcolm Young: TREC just went live with its new CORE service, which provides the ability to manage your real estate license online—including applications, education verification, licensee-information updates, and more. CORE reflects TREC’s commitment to streamline its processes for licensees. To gain access, simply visit core.tn.gov and create your online account. After registering, the functions you’ll be able to perform include:
  • Apply as a new licensee
    • Initial Timeshare
    • Initial Affiliate
    • Initial Broker
    • Initial Affiliate Non-Resident
    • Initial Retired Affiliate
  • Reactivate your license
  • Request a reinstatement or reapplication
  • Complete a Designated Agent Renewal
  • Change a Licensee, Firm, or Designated Agent Address

Get started with TREC’s convenient new service at core.tn.gov today. Note: You are still able to check your education hours online at verify.tn.gov.

2. TN Housing Report on the Way
Stay tuned for our report of Tennessee’s June and second-quarter 2016 home and condominium sales, median price and inventory coming soon. Check your inbox or our Facebook page and Twitter feed (@TNAOR) for the full scoop.

3. Charleston: Get the Worm!
Early-bird pricing for our 2016 Fall Convention: The Great Blue, ends Monday, July 25. Save your spot now HERE(and secure your travel arrangements, as hotels and flights are filling up).

The Convention—Sept. 14, 15 and 16, at the Charleston Marriott on the picturesque South Carolina coast—will feature inspiring speakers, engaging CE sessions, awards, new-officer installations, social opportunities, and more. Register today!

4. Smokin’ Economic Insights

Speaking of Charleston, our many inspiring Fall Convention guest speakers will include NAR economist Jonathan Smoke, an outstanding presenter who has a way of explaining complex, timely economic information in everyday language. You don’t want to miss his insights. To get a preview and follow Jonathan’s economic updates, visit this link. On the side, he’s also a sought-after party disc jockey, a.k.a. DJ Smokey Smoke. (His summer party playlist—with housing-related insights applied to each song—is posted here.)

5. Get Schooled with ERMA
On a related note to item #1 above, if you haven’t done so yet be sure to download TAR’s Educational Resource Mobile App (ERMA), which connects you with courses available throughout Tennessee to help you fulfill your CE requirements. Download the app by searching “ERMA” in your device’s app store. For an overview of ERMA’s features, watch this video.

6. Free RETI Webinar: Graphic Design
The Real Estate Technology Institute (RETI), a TAR partner, is offering another free webinar at 3 p.m. EDT/2 p.m. CDT this Wednesday, July 13. “Become Your Own Graphic Designer with Canva,” led by Craig Grant, will help you tap into Canva’s extensive library of templates, images, fonts and more to design your own listing flyers, social-media posts, business cards, etc. Register HERE.

7. REBAC Tip: Affinity Partnerships
From our friends at the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC, an NAR subsidiary), here’s a note about affinity partnerships:

In addition to casual business referrals, you might have opportunities to develop formal relationships with companies as a “provider of choice.” Potential sources for this type of relationship may include credit unions, hospitals, medical centers, community redevelopment programs, HR departments at large companies, or any organization looking for partners that offer relocation assistance. Some principles to keep in mind:

— Be strategic. Think about your target market and select potential partners who represent the companies most likely to be hiring your preferred clients or providing elite services to the same target audience.

— Know who to talk to. You’ll improve your odds of moving beyond the front desk staff if your inquiry is directed to the right person, such as the relocation director in an HR department.

— Be prepared. Compile an outline and key talking points to guide your conversation.

Source: TAR Legal & Ethics Hot Line Counsel

Keeping Personal Information Safe
How to Protect the Public and Yourself
The real estate industry has become a target for hackers trying to obtain personal and financial information. This week’s questions address steps you can take to help protect your client and insulate yourself from liability.

8. Protect Myself from Hackers?
QUESTION: How can I protect myself from liability if my email account gets hacked and personal financial information is obtained?

ANSWER: The best way to protect yourself is not to have any personal financial information stored on the Cloud or in your email. Real-estate agents should never involve themselves in sending wiring instructions. This is best left for the title companies to handle, as their emails are usually encrypted to protect such information. Licensees should avoid sending any information containing a client’s bank-account information electronically. Also, be wary of emails coming from electronic-signature services. Carefully check the sender’s email address before opening, especially if you are not expecting to receive an offer or contract.

9. Copy of Earnest-Money Check?

QUESTION: We have a contract on a listing, and I have requested a copy of the earnest-money check from the buyer’s agent. The agent responded that they did not have to send it. Is this correct?

ANSWER: There is no statutory requirement to provide a copy of the earnest-money check, and there are security concerns with sharing a copy. The other broker becomes liable for the information. If you insist on seeing a copy of the check, you can ask the broker to cover the bottom lines of the check—including the account number, routing number, and signature line—before copying and sending. It is also a safer option to mail a copy of the check, rather than email. If a lender requests a copy of the earnest-money check, it is best to have your buyer share a copy of their canceled check with the lender directly.

10. Share Personal Info with Landlord?

QUESTION: Can we divulge the tenant’s information (SS#, etc.) to the owner of a property, or is this forbidden?

ANSWER: You are required to safeguard personal information such as Social Security numbers very carefully under federal law. Therefore, it is advisable to get written permission from the tenant to release that information to the landlord. This could be something that is included in the application which the tenant would sign agreeing to it.

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