We’re pleased to announce a great new set of features and changes to Authentisign.

 Below is a list of the features and changes. Please note that items 1-3 will be released on June 25th,  while items 4-8 were previously announced and released. However, we are including them in this announcement and documentation in order to provide more detail.

Items 1 and 3 are the most notable, bringing new features many users have requested.

Please see the attached document for more detail. We’ll also be updating our video library and will get you the appropriate links as soon as they are available.

New Feature/Change Descriptions

  1. You can now import documents from Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive!
  2. Templates are now known as Layouts.
  3. You can now create and apply Layouts to documents (in addition to forms).
  4. Document Checklist Link has been Moved.
  5. “Advanced Options” toggle has been added.
  6. Date fields have been enhanced for better visibility.
  7. All Participants (Signers and Reviewers) now use the Authentisign2Go interface.
  8. Instanet Ink (create your own signature function) has improved usability and messaging.