Authentisign for the tablet is here! This new version of Authentisign (Authentisign2GO) allows users to create signings on their tablets. Users will now be able to fill out forms, prep them for signing and have the documents signed on their tablet, right then and there.

This is not an app, so there is nothing to download.  Authentisign is “tablet aware” so that this tablet version of Authentisign version will automatically be displayed to users when they access Authentisign.

VIdeo Tutorials

Authentisign2GO video introduction  
All Authentisign2GO videos 


Authentisign Look and Feel Enhancements
Along with the launch of Authentisign2Go, we have made some changes to the way Authentisign looks so we can visually link the look and feel of the desktop and tablet versions. This will be an ongoing process.

Two New Authentisign Participant Types – In Person and Private Participants
An In-Person Participant is someone who is with the signing creator (e.g., the agent) and will sign the document while with the signing creator. The In-Person signer allows the signer to register and sign without having to receive an email.

The Private Participant allows a user to create a signing and add a signer without knowing the participants email addresses. The email address can later be added by another participant (signer or reviewer) later in the process. The most common example would be to have the selling agent set-up a signing and then have the listing agent add the sellers’ email addresses before sending to the sellers for signing.

Authentisign Print driver
The Authentisign Print Driver allows PC users to ‘print’ documents into an electronic signing. The print driver is installed just like a regular printer but virtually prints documents into Authentisign. Unfortunately, there are no Print Drivers available for Mac users due to Apple’s proprietary nature.

Link Authentisign Documents to Document Placeholders 
Users can link documents in a signing to document placeholders in a transaction. Once the documents are signed, they will be automatically routed into the associated transaction and placed in the associated placeholder. This will be a great enhancement for brokerages who have implemented the Broker File Manager.

Separate Authentisign Documents
Currently all, documents in a signing are merged into one signed document. This option allows users tokeep Authentisign documents separate and the signed documents will be routed into an associated transaction as separate documents for easier transaction file management.

New, Easier Email Upload Options
Documents can easily be emailed into signings using a unique email address for that transaction, which is automatically created for each signing. The email address can be downloaded and saved as a contact on your computer, tablet or smartphone.