The 2-28-12 Newsletter of the Tennessee Association of REALTORS
Editor: Pug Scoville

1. Many Previous Homeowners Become Renters
2. Deadlines Approaching for Spring Conference!
4. TransactionDesk Special Offered
5. For Your Single Buyer-Clients…
6. HOT LINE: Receiving Fee From Alarm Company?
7. Instructor-Training Offered!
8. HAPPENINGS – This Week and Next
9. Rates Rise But Still VERY Low
10. Useful Web Links

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1. Many Previous Homeowners Become Renters

A trend that certainly bears watching was reported in a new RISMedia article, “More Previous Homeowners Are Looking to Rent in 2012”. From the article:

Supporting a growing trend, 33.6 percent of respondents looking for an apartment this year said they are previous homeowners (up from 20.5 percent in 2011). From the survey respondents who said they are homeowners looking to rent in 2012, 26.3 percent are doing so because they believe renting is a more affordable option and 21.2 percent prefer the flexibility renting offers in choosing where to live. provides the five most popular responses why their website visitors are choosing to rent versus own in 2012:

1. Renting is a more affordable option: (26.3 percent)

2. Flexibility to live where I choose: (21.2 percent)

3. To relocate for employment: (20.5 percent)

4. Cannot afford to keep up with homeownership expenses: (10.5 percent)

5. Lost home due to foreclosure and change in marital status: (less than 4 percent each)
*** END QUOTE ***

To read the entire article, in print-friendly mode, go to:

It would help every REALTOR to “re-arm” yourself with the positive advantages of homeownership! For ammunition, go to:


2. Deadlines Approaching for Spring Conference!

Next Monday, March 5, is the deadline for hotel reservations at the TAR Spring Conference (March 26-27)!

And the following Monday, March 12, is the deadline for registrations for the TAR Spring Conference at the Early-Bird rate of $75! [The rate goes up by $50 after March 12!] There is NO on-site registration for the Spring Conference.

For links to BOTH register for the Conference AND make your hotel reservations, or just for more information, go to:

We’re at the Cool Springs Marriott again this year, and the 2012 Spring Conference offers a great education program!! TEN hours of education in all! This is traditionally our largest meeting of the year.


We just received an alert from a brokerage in southeast Tennessee (although this kind of scam could occur anywhere!).

The scam involved a supposed buyer offering a large certified check as earnest money for a purchase — in this case $50,000 — followed by the buyer’s request that they get back a portion ($20,000) of this check in order to pay for “relocation services”!

Scams can occur in all types of economies, but REALTORS should be especially cautious in times like this …as scam artists attempt to prey on real estate professionals exceptionally anxious for a sale.

4. TransactionDesk Special Offered

An all-inclusive “TransactionDesk Special” is now available to all TAR members. A one-year subscription at $59 will get you:

  • UNLIMITED document space (DocBox)
  • UNLIMITED digital signatures (Authentisign)
  • UNLIMITED Faxing (In and Out)…

That’s a $130 savings! To show you how to get it, there’s a screencast presented by TAR’s Buzz Steele that you can view online at:

Also… for those attending the Spring Conference, there’s a newly-scheduled TransactionDesk TEASER session on “Digital Signatures” and “Broker File Management” presented by Joe Kazzoun, VP Business and Product Development for InstanetSolutions. Seated will be limited to the first 150.

5. For Your Single Buyer-Clients…

In item #1 above, we recommended arming yourselves with reasons to buy rather than rent. Here’s one for your clients seeking romance!

In a survey of 1,000 single people, more than a third of women and 18% of men said they would much rather date a homeowner than a renter!

Only 2% of women said they preferred to date a man who rents, while only 3% of men said they would choose a woman who rents over one that owns her home, according to the survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive for real estate site Trulia.


6. HOT LINE: Receiving Fee From Alarm Company?

QUESTION: Can an agent receive a referral fee from an alarm company for referring a customer to the alarm company?

ANSWER: This should be fine. However, you will need to fully disclose the referral fee to the client and have them sign off indicating that they understand that you are receiving a fee. In addition, we always recommend that anyone making referrals that they should recommend at least two or three different companies and then let the client decide. That way, it is their decision if anything were to go wrong. We would recommend using form F36 (Vendor List) as a way of providing vendor’s information as it contains disclaimer language in it.

[SOURCE: TAR’s Legal & Ethics Hot Line Attorneys]

7. Instructor-Training Offered!

On March 8-9, at the TAR Office in Nashville, we will once again offer our two-day instructor-training program – The Learning-Centered Instructor Workshop!  This program offers 16 hours of CE credit and is one of the prerequisites for teaching any of TAR’s or TREEF’s CE courses! This could be our only offering of this workshop in 2012.

For more information or to register, go to:

8. HAPPENINGS – This Week and Next

March 5: BPO Course – ABR Elective (6 hrs. CE) – SAR Office, Hendersonville. For more information or to register, go to:

March 6: GRI 406, Tips, Tools & Technologies for Your Business (8 hrs. CE) – GNAR Office, Nashville. For more information or to register, go to:

March 7: GRI 401, Doing the Right Thing (8 hrs. CE) – TAR office, Nashville. For more information or to register, go to:

March 7: 2011-2012 Residential Core Course (6 hrs. CE) – RCAR Office, Cleveland. For more information or to register, call 423-476-5912.

March 8 – April 11: GRI 405 Plus, From Offer to Contract to Closing (16 hrs. CE) – An E-Class (distance-learning) course. For more information or to register, go to:

March 8-9: The Learning-Centered Instructor (16 hrs. CE) – TAR Office, Nashville. This is our 2-day instructor-training program. For more information or to register, go to:

March 8: BPO Course – ABR Elective (6 hrs. CE) – EMTAR Office, Mt. Juliet. For more information or to register, go to:

For information on the NEW 2012 GRI Program, go to:

For information on the NEW Master GRI designation, download the Application Form at:

NOTE: E-Class GRI courses are NOT webinars and they are NOT “online” courses in the way that most people think of online courses. How do E-Class courses work? Go to:

Watch each week’s TAR DIGEST for schedule changes and additions!

9. Rates Rise But Still VERY Low

The average interest on 30-year fixed home loans rose to 3.95 percent this past week, after holding steady at record lows for three straight weeks, reports Freddie Mac. The 3.87 percent rate a week earlier was the lowest since long-term mortgages debuted in the 1950s. Even with the uptick, however, rates have held below 4 percent for the past 12 weeks — making homebuying and refinancing viable for qualified borrowers!

[SOURCES: Freddie Mac; Information, Inc.]

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