“Forms, Etc.”, a periodic newsletter of the Tennessee Assn. of REALTORS

1. NEW – FREE webinars – Learn TransactionDesk – Basic and Advanced Features
2. What is “Branding” in TransactionDesk?

3. TransactionDesk Instructors & C.E. Approved Courses coming soon
4. Providing suggestions to the Residential & Commercial Forms Committees
5. Why are there no blanks for “Initials” on each page of the TAR forms?

1. NEW – FREE webinars – Learn TransactionDesk – Basic and Advanced Features

Many of you have been using TransactionDesk and are wanting to expand your skills. Many of you are still curious about how it can actually impact  your business. TransactionDesk comes in two flavors:

  1. BASIC version – FREE to all TAR members (forms management)
  2. FULL version – $129 annual subscription (all the bells and whistles)

Now you can learn as much as you want at your convenience for FREE. InstanetSolutions has recently provided FREE webinar training for those of you who would like to take advantage. The webinars, ranging from 30 – 60 minutes in length, are provided almost daily. If you would like to participate or learn more about any of these offerings, visit:


Either click on the link above OR copy and paste it into your browser.

2. What is “Branding” in TransactionDesk?

In the SETTINGS tab of TransactionDesk there is a “BRANDING” option. Branding is used for communication purposes such as email and faxback cover sheets. Branding allows you to upload your company logo, banner, and even a photo of yourself.

Once you have used the “branding” feature, all of your emails and faxback cover sheets that you send out via TransactionDesk will be branded with your office and personal graphics.

Branding is NOT used for placing your company logo on the TAR forms.

If you would like to place your company logos on the TAR forms, you can do so by sending an email to . Be sure to include your full name and NRDS ID in the body of the email. Make sure you also attach your company logo.

Note: All advertising, regardless of its nature and the medium in which it appears, which promotes the sale or lease of real property, shall conform to the requirements of TREC rules. Please review those rules before applying your company logo to the forms.

3. TransactionDesk Instructors & C.E. Approved Courses coming soon

Just in the last couple of days TransactionDesk trainers representing most of the local associations across the state gathered in Nashville at the TAR office to learn and be certified to instruct TransactionDesk. Those that attended have the knowledge now to train Realtor members across TN on the “basic” and “advanced” features of TransactionDesk.

By attending this course, these instructors are now equipped to teach C.E. approved classes for TransactionDesk.

  • Basic Training (3 hrs. CE), and
  • Advanced Training (3 hrs. CE)

Each instructor has been provided 2 “courses in a kit” to solicit TREC in becoming an approved instructor. The TN Real Estate Commission (TREC) approves all Instructors. TAR simply certifies that the instructors have attended the “Train the Trainer” course and have passed the TAR certification test.
Look for CE approved TransactionDesk courses in your area soon. To view a list of these instructors and their contact information, please visit the link below by either clicking on it or pasting it into your browser.


NOTE: TAR does not endorse any ONE instructor over that of others nor does it guarantee the person’s talent as an instructor. 

4. Providing suggestions to the Residential & Commercial Forms Committees

Do you ever wish that you could provide “verbiage” or just suggestions about some of the TAR forms that you would like to see possibly implemented? Maybe you need a form that isn’t available but would be nice to have in the TAR forms inventory. Well now you have a “VOICE”. You can provide suggestions to both the Residential and Commercial Forms Committees by logging into the TAR web site and visiting the COMMUNITY FORUM.

There are two TOPICS of discussion available just for this:

1) Suggestions to the Residential Forms Committee
2) Suggestions to the Commercal Forms Committee

Post your suggestions anytime. You may even find that some of the committee members, attorneys and TAR staff will respond to the topic you post.

5. Why are there no blanks for “Initials” on each page of the TAR forms?

This question is frequently asked by the membership. The Forms committee has visited this topic of discussion many times over the last several years and here’s the thought process for not providing blanks for initials on each page of each TAR form.

Imagine if the blanks were provided. What happens if your client forgets to initial one of the pages? Do you have a contract? Is there a meeting of minds? These are the questions that may be posed in court. Regardless of the provision of blanks for initials, this seems to be one of those “double edged sword” quandries.

Therefore, the committee and TAR’s counsel have opted to omit the blanks for initials with the understanding that members can still have clients initial all pages as a “standard of practice.” Instead of a state endorsed standard, it now becomes a question of office policy.