“Forms, Etc.”, a periodic newsletter of the Tennessee Assn. of REALTORS

1. ALERT: To Continue Receiving the TAR FORMS UPDATE…
2. Where Can you Find Help using the TAR web site and/or TransactionDesk?
3. Learn how to fill out TAR forms and what the content actually means

1. ALERT: To Continue Receiving the TAR FORMS UPDATE

After this Newsletter dated JUNE 4, 2008, you will ONLY receive the TAR FORMS UPDATE if you subscribe on your own, EVEN IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT BEFORE! The TAR Digest has already made this move and now the TAR Forms Update is following suit. We will NOT have the ability to add you to the list of subscribers, so it’s important that you subscribe yourself as soon as possible. The GOOD NEWS is that if you have already subscribed to the TAR DIGEST, you will not have to do anything and you will continue to receive the TAR Digest as well as this newsletter.WHY CHANGE? Spam blockers and a growing number of company mail servers are now blocking the TAR DIGEST and the TAR FORMS UPDATE …making it increasingly difficult to send this newsletter, unsolicited, to all TAR members. If this newsletter is important, you must subscribe.

To subscribe, simply visit:

On the left side, click on “Get News By E-Mail” and fill out the resulting form.

You will then receive an email from with a link in it that you must ALSO click, to ACTIVATE your subscription request. This extra step protects you and others from having someone else subscribe your name without your permission!

We value your privacy! Like the TAR DIGEST the TAR FORMS UPDATE will only be sent to subscribers, AND we do not release or sell the email addresses of subscribers to anyone else, for any reason!

One last thing…
The TAR FORMS UPDATE will now be known as “Forms Etc.”

2. Where Can you Find Help using the TAR web site and/or TransactionDesk?

You now have a few options on how to get technical help from TAR regarding the TAR web site and TransactionDesk.

There is now a DIRECT LINE to call TAR Tech Support.

A TAR tech support representative will be available M-F, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm at the following number:


You’ll have a number of menu options to choose from, but if you select “1” you’ll be directed to a LIVE TAR Tech Support person immediately.

You can use the HELP DESK and KNOWLEDGEBASE.

Once you log into the TAR site, select “Help Desk and Knowledgebase”


TAR staff will receive your question and provide an answer. You will be notified via email. ALL QUESTIONS introduced through the Help Desk are archived for later retrieval by the individual that posted the question.

3. Learn how to fill out TAR forms and what the content actually means

Not sure what to place or how to fill in a blank on TAR forms? Not sure what a paragraph really says or means? Need to know what other supporting forms to use in conjunction with a TAR form you are using now?

All these questions are answered in TAR’s “inFORM Tool“.

The TAR Residential Forms committee has been working hard to provide you with this valuable resource. There are close to 30 of the most widely used TAR forms that are explained in detail through this new TAR service.

This resource is available 24-7 and can be used by all types of active Realtor members including managing brokers for sales meetings, instructors as a resource for teaching TAR forms, for agents that need help immediately, etc.

Log in on the TAR site and choose “inFORM Tool” and select the form of your choice. Then click on any of the highlighted areas.

The TAR Residential Forms Committee’s goal is to post all of the remaining TAR residential forms through the “inFORM Tool” by the end of 2008, a complete source of “inFORMation” at your fingertips.

I would encourage all of you to EXPLORE the rest of what TAR has to offer on the TAR site.